Situated on 42 acres of oak and pine woodland with open space and gardens, the spirit of place guides us toward ecological restoration, local community and a new humanity.

Crystal Spring Center emerged from the tap root of Womancenter at Plainville, a center for the evolving of a woman’s perspective of justice. In 1992, amidst the awakening call for religious congregations to recover our human intimacy with the natural world, the organization was incorporated in the state of Massachusetts with the name Crystal Spring Center. Our work has multiplied and is expressed in many other groups and programs.

At the end of this year, CSC plans to dissolve our incorporation in the state of Massachusetts.  We are thrilled and delighted to say that the tap root ever deepens. The ownership of the open space and conservation land will be transferred to Wildlands Trust. They will create and maintain a public Community Preserve here. The homestead parcel will become Epiphany Center for the Arts.

Please join with us in welcoming these new endeavors to the community.

Crystal Spring Center
76 Everett Skinner Rd
Plainville, MA 02762