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Photo: earth as seen from space

Earth Literacy - What Is It?

As our early ancestors noticed and were awed by the power and beauty that surrounded them, they pondered the mysteries of existence and created stories to explain to themselves the essence of the world and of life. And, for those who seek it, the same Hidden Mystery is alive today, with a new story that attempts to explain it. The "new story" is the contemporary scientific understanding about the origin and purpose of the universe. It offers amazing insights into the creation story, giving new meaning to human life and spirituality. The ability to "read" that story is "Earth Literacy."

At the heart of the story is the capability to see possibilities that are invisible. That capacity stirs our hearts and calls us each year to renewed commitment and compassion. The great work for all of us now is to integrate human affairs with Earth's affairs.

No one is exempt from this work. It will demand the hidden potential in everyone alive today. It is a work best done in community. Crystal Spring is a place to allow such potential to arise and take form, to give shape to a new culture that will again place the human story within Earth's story, the Universe Story.

We are planetary pilgrims in our great journey of inner spiritual breakthrough, a breakthrough into a comprehensive compassion where the human presence imagines and turns all life into one sacred community of being.

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