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Religious Lands Conservation Project

All land is sacred land

In recent years, religious environmental ethics, eco-theology, and eco-justice have won increasingly broad acceptance in many religious traditions. Prominent eco-theologian Thomas Berry identifies the “Great Work” of our time as establishing a mutually enhancing human-earth relationship in all our endeavors and institutions. These insights provide a compelling framework and fresh new directions for responding to our environmental crisis. Land conservation represents one of these new directions.

Many congregations have come to feel a growing responsibility to initiate a new relationship with their lands at the same time they are experiencing their own financial pressures. Concurrently, land protection groups are realizing that these lands, taken together, constitute an outstanding collection of unprotected natural areas and open spaces. These lands are often in large parcels that contain significant natural and community resources.

If you have been considering the options for your own lands and would like to enter further conversation or learn of resources particular to your situation, we can help make connections.


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