All Land Is Sacred Land

In the last decades of the 20th century, geologian Thomas Berry recognized that the time had come when the greatest service religious communities could make to the larger destinies of the human and the Earth communities would be the recovery of our human intimacy with all those wonderful participants in the Universe of Being. In the past centuries our role had been to work principally within the human community in educating, healing, and spiritual guidance; now our primary role would be to preserve Earth from further destruction. Thus arose the Religious Lands Conservation Project, and the goal of land conservation.

Land may be protected:

  • To ensure public health by protecting water resources
  • As a natural habitat for fish, wildlife, plants or similar ecosystem to support the network of life.
  • For working space, including farmland and forest land, preserved for its practical and ecological benefits.
  • To permanently prevent loss to development.
  • For use by the general public for outdoor recreation or scenic enjoyment.
  • For a historically important structure or land area.

If you have been considering the options for your own lands and would like to enter further conversation or learn of resources particular to your situation, we can help make connections.